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Friday, January 7, 2011

January 7, 2011

Resistance and fear~

How often do our fears and resistance keep us from becoming who we really are and fully living our purpose?

Last night I had a series of dreams that were about loss of control; being in a car careening down a snowy mountain in reverse, a baracuda biting my thumbs, and walking through an alleyway being stalked and stared at by menacing men. In each scene, I witnessed my dream self 'letting go' and facing the fear. After moving through the fear of being out of control in the car, I waited for the right bend in the road, and a snow bank that could take the impact of the car and then crashed it. I was fine. With the baracuda, I let him bite my thumbs and he let go (I still had my thumbs). And, in the alley, I stared right back at the men with no fear of harm, and kept moving.

When we move into our fears they lose their hold on us and dissolve. For me, at this time, my fear is "loss of control". It is perceived, of course, as we truly have no control. It is an illusion. Nevertheless, the ego is a heavyweight champion when it comes to fighting for the preservation of illusion.

What are your fears? Where are you resisting? Pick one today and move fully into it and see what happens.

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