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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 18, 2011

Our desire for connection~

A few nights ago I watched the movie Social Network depicting the story of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. To be honest, I am still thinking about his story and the incredible explosion of Facebook on this planet. What I am marinating in was Mark's ability to recognize our deep desire for connection -- his undeniable brilliance was his ability to create a vehicle by which we can connect -- globally, instantly, and continuously.

Mark tapped into the heart of our longing to be connected in what often feels like a very fragmented, dis-jointed, and isolating world. Facebook provides a forum for us to express ourselves, to instantly share, and to instantly step into other's lives and stories.

But, is this enough? Does this really satisfy our desire for connection? Like other well-known and well-loved substitutes - food, alcohol, drugs, sex, TV, clothing and "things" - the potential hazard of Facebook is that it becomes another way for us to dis-connect.

Our deepest desire is for connection with "our inner self" -- that wellspring of consciousness and access to God that offers profound joy and peace. Without that, we can become easily lost and feel adrift, looking for connection through things that really do not deeply satisfy.

Are we taking time each day to make that deeper connection within ourselves?

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Intent Heals said...

Brings up so much to think about dis-connection... do we REALLY need to know that our best friend just took a nap or decided to go to the grocery store? Would it not be more of a connect to actually look them in the face and have a conversation?
Yet we do feel more connected to people far away when we can be privy to their every thought and move as close to real time as possible... I guess, as in most things, moderation is the key. Thanks for your insight on so many things! Keep it up