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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 19, 2011

Interconnectedness and Interdependency~

One of the purposes of the Intent Heals Journal is to promote awareness of global interdependency and our connectedness to one another.

While we can perceive the potential hazards of our advanced technology, that I wrote about yesterday, we must also hold the creative possibilities open to all of us to impact global change. Never before have we been so intimate with the consequences of rampant consumerism and the blatant disregard of our environment. Instantly, we can connect with pictures and stories of devastation around the world - we can read and grapple with the major global challenges that confront us - like the 900 million people living in extreme poverty and the challenge of preserving our natural resources and creating a sustainable world.

Perhaps the enormity of the issues we face as a global society feel overwheming and we think that we cannot respond in a postive way. But, each of us can make a difference. Daily we read and hear about individuals taking personal responsibility to impact change in small and large ways.

A good friend of mine, Wilford Welch, has written a remarkable, and inspiring, book entitled Tactics of Hope illustrating how individuals are making a difference. Treat yourself and visit TacticsofHope.org to learn more and read Wilford's book, Tactics of Hope and become inspired!

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