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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 25, 2011

Strand of Pearls~

Love was the Word bubbling up in meditation this morning.

I reflected on what love is "not". Love is not my expectations of another, love is not my projections on another, love is not something I can contain.
My experience of love has been all of the above which has resulted in unnecessary pain. I know when I have not been loving; when I have projected, expected, and somehow thought I could capture love and keep it safely contained. (I think this goes back to some carefully held, albeit deluded, notion that I have control)!

After acknowledging what love is not, I opened to the daily moments of joy, the unexpected swell of love experienced, when the heart opens and unfolds in deep connection and remembrance. Like an exquiste strand of pearls, our days are filled with these moments of awareness when we, without any effort on our part, experience these jewels of love, joy, grace and our divinity.

Often, the moment takes us by surprise and we are delighted.

My pearls so far this morning -- my husband's hand in mine as I awoke, catching a glimpse of my favorite male cardinal landing on his branch, the first smell and taste of coffee, my daughter rolling her eyes at me with a smile that says 'I love you so much, even if you are bugging me right now', the deliciousness of the hot water spraying against my skin in the shower, the email from my sister --

Tonight, I will hold my strand of pearls and lovingly revisit each one with gratitude and then let them go.

What will be your pearls today?

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