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Saturday, January 22, 2011

January 22, 2011

A gift~

A beautiful, grace-filled friend gifted me by sharing the book, The Infinite Way, by Joel Goldsmith.

"The wave is one with the ocean, indivisible and inseperable from the whole ocean. All that the ocean is, the wave is: and all the power, all the energy, all the strength, all the life, and all the substance of the ocean are expressed by every wave. As a wave is one with the ocean, so you are one with God. Your oneness with the universal Life constitutes your oneness with every individual expression of that Life; your oneness with the divine Consciousness constitutes your oneness with every idea of Consciousness. As the infinity of God surges through you to bless all with whom you come in contact, remember that the infinity of God is also surging through every other individual on earth to you." (Goldsmith, pg. 98,99)

How beautifully stated. I feel my expansiveness as I try to embrace and allow this knowing to unfold.

And, yes, the duality of the world knocks on my door begging to be heard and heeded every day. It is only when I turn inward and listen to the "small, still voice" of my soul, of divine Love and Grace, of God-consciousness that I am gently reminded of what is truly real.

Each day I awaken, each person that crosses my path, every thought and experience I have is an opportunity to see beyond this appearance of duality and dive into the ocean of oneness.

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