Mind, Body, Spirit Connections

Saturday, July 17, 2010


I was gifted an Intent Heals Journal in early 2009. I started my journal by entering just one name. It was the name of a very dear friend who was ill with terminal cancer. I wanted her transition to be filled with peace and the love of God. She was a Holocaust survivor and I couldn’t imagine any more suffering in her life. As I stayed by her side over the next seven months, I watched my friend become so at peace with her fate. She refused all pain medications, and left this world with grace and dignity. I wrote purposely in my journal prior to her passing, sending my prayers and intentions. But, journaling intentions is not a one-sided, singular act. I, the journal writer, had now become the “receiver”. I was blessed as well. My loss, the empty space one feels, the void, was immediately filled with her deep and everlasting love. I knew in my heart that I had also experienced the power of intentional healing.

I used my journal once again to put prayer and love to a very emotional and stressful family issue. I had been struggling with anger, frustration, and resentment at a family member for more than three years. We had both turned to lawyers and it was getting worse instead of better. Everything I tried prior to receiving my journal had not quieted the darker side of myself. Needless to say,
I was not happy with my troubled thoughts. I entered the name of my family member into my journal with a prayer for release and peace. Amazingly, after years of struggle, within two weeks of my journal entry, a resolution was reached and the situation was brought to an end. Once more, I had experienced the power of intentions.

I now use my journal faithfully to record my intentions and prayers. It has become a good friend. My pretty green journal looks a lot more worn, the color has faded and the pages show signs of being touched many times. But, nothing can dull or damage the healing power of my journal.

Lynne LaBombard