Mind, Body, Spirit Connections

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Life's Purpose

My life's purpose has unfolded and revealed itself with each non-profit organization I have worked for over the past twenty-six years. Being intimate with another human being's suffering and pain has engendered compassion, being witness to the indomitable strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity has engendered humility, and learning to listen to my heart and inner voice has ignited the passion and faith to walk a path of personal, interpersonal and global healing. The Intent Heals Journal™ began with my journey of being guided by Spirit to create a written record and pray for every person I had known.

In the past three years, the Intent Heals Journal™ has reached thousands through workshops, website sales, and working with non-profit organizations like Hospice to provide healing and forgiveness at the end-of-life. To expand the reach of the Intent Heals Journal and Intentional Healing, we have formed the Intent Heals Foundation and applied for tax exempt status so that we may raise funds to distribute the journals in prisons and to our soldiers and their families. The Foundation will also raise funds to complete the development of a Children's Educational Kit and program to teach students the value of community service and of our global interconnectedness.

Please check back for updates on the Foundation's activites.