Mind, Body, Spirit Connections

Monday, April 23, 2012

Life streams of light~

We are living matrixes of radiant light – life streams upon this earth --shimmering, pulsating light -- here to transmute and create. First, we must burn our own internal dross; that which is dark, ignorant, and detached from the truth of our own God-self so that we may truly "see" and embrace our divinity.

This light matrix extends throughout the cosmos and is connected to everything - living and not. We are constantly being “impulsed” by beings of light – angels, ascended masters, guides – who provide us opportunities for growth, expansion, and change. 

Seeds of creation are planted in the ego/mind.  The entire blueprint of this particular creation lies not in our human mind, but in the GOD mind and will only come into fruition when we allow the God-mind/self to co-create with our will.

Surrender ~ Allow ~ Create ~ Be ~

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Birthday Musings~

Tripping into the second half century~

It is hard to believe that I am 51 today. I celebrated 50 with gusto. I loved turning 50! It was freeing and uplifting. What an incredible year it has been with so many changes, twists and turns, blessings, and opportunities.

We have been privileged to support and nurture many kids...our own as well as those who need a safe haven. Our home has always been open and continues to be a refuge for teens who need a place to stay, rest, and receive love. Our Zoe is the loving, guiding presence who offers this tender respite.

Our gift this year was becoming owners of a health food store. Everyday we are thankful for our customers, their stories, and their commitment to health. What an opportunity for Andy and I to learn and share.

The greatest blessing this year for me has been my spiritual journey and all that I have embraced and absorbed. I am constantly overwhelmed by the love of Christ energy that permeates my being, and how I can share this with others who enter the sacred space of healing and light. It has been and continues to be the wellspring that feeds my soul.

Every morning I speak this prayer: "May all beings be healthy, may all beings be happy, may all beings prosper, may all beings emanate the Christ light. May Mother Earth continue to heal."

Wishing all of you peace and prosperity~

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kaleidescope Horizons

We are no longer living in linear time. Linear time is an illusion, but has been a necessary one for our world to exist and function as optimally as possible. Until now. Many of you might be experiencing a new reality where the sense of time appears and feels distorted. Where a cascading of events are occurring rapidly and simultaneously without apparent rhythm or reason; colliding like a kaleidescope of colorful patterns changing instantly with a slight twist of the hand.

This is the new reality, pregnant with unfathomable possibilities, if we embrace our multidimensional capabilities and accept that we are working within a collective and not as solitary individuals in a vacuum. Every thought and action that we have based in fear will keep us struggling in the old paradigm of linear time. We will fail to grasp the magnitude of possibilities that are available for co-creating our new reality.

If we open, and deeply understand that all action and thought born of the light will create infinite patterns of possibilities, we will be free to play in a whole new reality. Perhaps you have already noticed the new patterns at play, the increase in synchronicity, the effortlessness of tasks, and the quality of magic in your life? If so, you are shifting into this new kaleidescope reality.

If not, take a deep breath and exhale through your mouth releasing any and all resistance and fear. Breathe in the light, acceptance, and surrender to this incredible new emerging reality.