Mind, Body, Spirit Connections

Monday, April 23, 2012

Life streams of light~

We are living matrixes of radiant light – life streams upon this earth --shimmering, pulsating light -- here to transmute and create. First, we must burn our own internal dross; that which is dark, ignorant, and detached from the truth of our own God-self so that we may truly "see" and embrace our divinity.

This light matrix extends throughout the cosmos and is connected to everything - living and not. We are constantly being “impulsed” by beings of light – angels, ascended masters, guides – who provide us opportunities for growth, expansion, and change. 

Seeds of creation are planted in the ego/mind.  The entire blueprint of this particular creation lies not in our human mind, but in the GOD mind and will only come into fruition when we allow the God-mind/self to co-create with our will.

Surrender ~ Allow ~ Create ~ Be ~

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