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Monday, January 10, 2011

January 10, 2011

Message from the Cardinals~

I was instantly drawn to my beloved Cardinals as I meditated this morning...waiting. Late yesterday afternoon, there were 6 male Cardinals - 3 adults and 3 young ones - standing quietly on the bird feeders and in the trees nearby. For quite some time, they were motionless. Not feeding, or flying around, or singing; just being. I was struck by their quiet, still presence. Their "beingness" was having a strong impact on me and I keenly felt they were sending a message -- "you're presence is enough".

Now, just imagine for one minute, if we all felt that our simple existence, just our mere presence, was enough? How we struggle to be something better, different, more than, less than....are we not enough? And for those we love and who love us, is not our undivided attention, our full presence, what is most valued?

What if we were to spend a few moments each day still and present? Fully awake, aware, heart open and receptive, deeply knowing that our "being" in the world is enough?

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