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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January 26, 2011


My day started with the warm, raucous laughter of five woman friends crammed into a car headed for early morning yoga class. We carpool for all of the obvious reasons. The real reason, however, became delightfully clear to me as I laughed at the bantering back and forth.

I was filled with such warmth and gratitude to be amongst these women; to share in their lives, to hear their stories, to be part of the good natured kidding. I am the "new" kid on the block and I realized this morning how fortunate I was to have found "community". We share bits of our lives in the 20 mile journey between our homes and the yoga class -- deaths, births, cancers, fears, latest movies, favorite recipes and books.

And, we laugh! Of course this energy spills over into the yoga class, as laughter is contagious and soon there are 16 woman, ages 50-80, laughing. It is a joyous sound and energy to be immersed in.

Find someone to laugh with today. Or, laugh at yourself! It feels good~

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