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Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011

We are thirsty~

This glorious weekend spent with six loving woman was the perfect way to end the month of January. The warmth of the weekend is holding me steadfast as I stroke my mother's face, and hold her hand. It's been a long day, but I want to write about a common thread we shared this weekend -- our thirst for nourishment. Spiritual nourishment, companionship, the healing energy of the earth,good food and laughter, cleansing tears, silence, and the deep sense of gratitude felt when we are listened to without judgment, fully and completely, and understood.

We are thirsty~

It is not often that we can escape our busy lives and spend a weekend quenching our thirst and being nourished. So how do we find nourishment in the midst of daily life?
Too often, we sense that ache and we fill it mindlessly, easily slipping into familiar habits that no longer nourish us -- TV, junk food, cigarettes, alcohol, computer games, gossip or other distractions that draw us away from ourselves. But, what if we were to take a deep breath when we become aware of this ache and ask,

"What is it that I really need in this moment?"

What bubbles up -- listen carefully. A cup of tea? A walk outside? A hot bath? Maybe you hear an old friend's name, and a gentle urge to call and re-connect. Or, you are drawn to a favorite book, collection of poems, or a piece of music. Maybe it's to just stop what you are doing and give your husband, wife, partner, child, grandchild, dog or cat a hug and feel that physical contact. Maybe it's taking a nap, or time to meditate, pray or reflect.

Whatever it is, follow your inner wisdom and allow your spirit to be nourished and filled. We live in a world where we are often giving to the point of depletion, always 'doing' and we forget how important it is to take time to "fill our well".

And by all means, if the well is filled, pop yourself a big bowl of popcorn (with butter, of course) and indulge in a movie!

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