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Thursday, January 13, 2011

January 13, 2011


The Golden Rule - we have all heard of it and many of us try to practice it daily.

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". Sound advice and then I heard the opposite of this rule...."Do not let others do to you what you would not do to them".

Now, this gives one pause and an opportunity for reflection. Do we allow others to treat us differently than we treat them? How many times do we downplay an action, or interaction with a loved one? Was there an "ouch" or that familiar ache in the pit of the stomach? Do we tend to walk away, stuff it, or explain it away to avoid the 'potential (inevitable) conflict? Or worse, color it in different shades to cover the real truth? How many times have we let our boundaries be challenged in a business transaction, or in a situation with people we did not know very well? Only later, perhaps, did we then vent to a trusted spouse, family member or friend.

For me, it has been far easier to practice the golden rule and much harder to set my own personal boundaries. It has taken me many years to learn how to speak my truth, clarify and honor my boundaries. I disliked conflict, so this was my motivation to keep the peace even if it meant hurting myself. It's been an empowering and healing experience to find my voice and a healthy balance.

I revisit the golden rule and its opposite and invite you to do the same. Is there a person or situation in your life that needs attention?

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