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Saturday, April 30, 2011

April 30, 2011

Chin Hairs~

I am sorry to disappoint my readership with a blog on this last glorious day of April 2011 with a diatribe on chin hairs.

Please forgive me~

I'm not precisely sure in which year these incredibly dark, black chin hairs began appearing on my "chinni chin chin", but rest assured they have become a major pre-occupation of mine. I don't see them because I am half blind, but I sure do feel them when I run my fingers (daily) across my chin. I bee line into the bathroom, pull out my mirror with a magnification of 10, grab my deluxe tweezers and pluck with a furry!

OK, confession time, I am avoiding~

I cannot stand to watch what is happening in Tuscaloosa, AL and in the other states hit by tornadoes. My heart breaks. The devastation and loss of life is hard to comprehend. I send prayers. I wish I could be there helping in some way.

I know that my prayers are most helpful~

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