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Sunday, April 24, 2011

April 24, 2011


Easter is one of those holidays that holds significance and different meanings for many. For me, my family and the simple joys of being together is the highlight of Easter. It is a reminder of what is most precious.

My son is back from college, my father flew in from CT to surprise me, my son Earnest and his daughter, Peaches, are here as well as my friend, Lynne. Bodies were strewn all over the place last night; every bedroom, couch, and futon was filled with loved ones.

Waking up was magical for me anticpating how the morning would unfold.  I had Easter baskets for each of the kids and waited hours for them to wake -up! Lynne, Andy and I hid the eggs early, giggling at our "obvious" hiding places.

Peaches was hysterical as she found each egg and "tossed" them into the basket her daddy held. I watched the three adult kids, Max, Zoe and Earnest, follow Peaches around-- coaching, encouraging, laughing -- truly loving the egg hunt!
I was taken back 16 years to my kid's first egg hunt. My dad and I bantered back and forth about our "memories" of notorious Easter egg hunts between my sisters and me. We were not so delightful! Max and Zoe jumped in with their memories of egg hunts. Funny, they recalled some "not-so-delightful" moments.
I paused and smiled in remembrance and appreciation of the importance of tradition and the gratitude of having my family together sharing another Easter.

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