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Saturday, April 23, 2011

April 23, 2011


I do not like surprises. My husband and family know this. In fact, I can go to great lengths ruining a surprise, so as not to be surprised. Obviously, this behavior is rooted in deep, pathological events that I will not even venture to go into at this moment!

So, I KNEW that my Andy was throwing me a not-surprise party today! My family, friends and neighbors coming over to celebrate my 50th -- I am elated. The plan was for my friend Lynne to take me away for a couple of hours this afternoon so that Andy could get ready.

Little did I know!!

When I walked in the house, there was my father sitting on the couch!!!!!  I just cried in disbelief and joy.

I was so surprised. Maybe surprises are not so bad.

Happy Easter Everyone~

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