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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 19, 2011


Ok, it is confession time. I've been home slightly more than a day, and I am exhausted! What is it about going on vacation and coming home five pounds heavier, and thinking you can just jump right back into the swing of things?

Another illusion~

Maybe it is the contrast of "vacation" versus "real" life. But, lets be honest, I left one paradise to return to another. That blows that theory out the window. I think it is something more sinister.


I think I should be able to jump right back into work, chores, and daily life and not miss a beat. These are "old" messages that no longer serve me. No "shoulds".  I must pay attention and respect what my mind, heart, and spirit is telling me. Today, I laid down for a nap at 3pm. I didn't really nap as I am not one who knows how to nap. But, I tried!

There was a brief, glorious moment, when I let go and fell into some type of slumber. Zoe came home, woke me up, and then the "shoulds" started tumbling in.

"Jen, you haven't seen Zoe in days. Get up and spend time with her. Make homemade spaghetti sauce with her like you promised."

Ok, confession time, I was "should-ing" myself. I got my lazy 'ol body out of bed, and made spaghetti sauce with Zoe.

I loved every minute of it!

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