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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 26, 2011


My mother loves flowers and was an avid gardner. Fresh cut flowers, artfully arranged in colorful, beautifully shaped bottles and vases, were found in just about every room of the house when I was growing up. As the Alzheimer's disease progressed, and mom gardened less, she would purchse bunches of Alstraemeria.

You can find them in Publix (or any other major supermarket), three bunches for twelve dollars, in beautiful splashes of color. I have just returned from Publix with two bunches and have arranged five vases. I love to place small vases in the bathrooms, on bedside tables, in the living room, on the kitchen table and window. You never know where a little glass vase of Alstraemeria will show up.

When my mom had to be placed in a nursing home, dad took over the purchasing, arranging, and placing of the Alstraemeria in our family home. There is not a time I visit, that I don't see vases upon vases of these sweet flowers. My dad is diligent too. After five days, he changes the water, clips an inch off the stems, re-feeds them with plant food to ensure the flowers hold their vitality another seven days.

I think dad keeps these vases filled with Alstraemeria to keep my mother's presence alive in the house; so he doesn't feel so alone and is reminded of her. It's funny, but I think my weekly Alstraemeria run to Publix, and the joy I find in placing the vases, is connected to my mother and her spirit. I delight every time I glance upon these fragile, beautiful flowers.

And, I always think of my mother~

Dad leaves tomorrow where he will resume his almost daily visits to be with my mother. I have no doubt, that within 24 hours of his return home, there will be fresh Alstraemeria in all the vases. He will also bring Alstraemeria to mom's room, lovingly arrange the flowers, and place them where she can appreciate their beauty from her bed.

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