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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 12, 2011

We have a guest writer today. What a wonderful blog - thank you!

The Power of Snail Mail~

I believe in old-fashioned letter writing. I think it is a lost art, and it makes me sad that so few people really correspond with one another anymore. I receive and send plenty of emails and stay in touch with friends, old and new, but only one of my old friends really “corresponds” by letters that I receive in US Mail…known these days as “snail mail.” Seeing her letter is like finding a diamond amid the debris of junk mail and bills.

For 30 years we have written letters to one another at least twice monthly. We have shared everything in our lives…divorces, lovers, second marriages, sickness, problems with our children, spirituality, but most of all the joy of friendship and commitment to keeping our letters coming to one another. I used to save her letters, but now I just keep all of her words of encouragement in my heart. She has inspired me to pay it forward by sending notes of encouragement to many other people in my life. I have been amazed at how much a few positive words can mean to another person.

Recently a dear family member faced a serious health challenge. I received many cards which were so heart-warming and welcome and made me feel loved. I received a very special letter from a friend offering her love, friendship and service to me in my time of fear for my loved one. Receiving that letter and the many cards was a healing in itself. This only reinforced my belief that “snail mail” is a precious gift.

How about sending someone some “snail mail” today….you just might change a life.


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