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Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 17, 2011


No, I am not talking about the magestic bird that soars in the sky with its distinctive cry. I am talking about a little white ball that found its way into a little tiny cup on a par 5 today at White Witch, a breathtaking golf course in Rose Hall, Jamaica.

(WARNING: If you don't golf, the rest of this will bore you to death)!

I thought I had experienced my golf highlight of this Jamaica trip when I birdied the signature hole at White Witch on Friday! An eight iron off the tee, hit perfectly (I might add), to land 5 feet from the pin. I made the putt for the birdie. I was whooping it up, as you can imagine.

Today, we went back to play again. There was nothing stellar about the first four holes; a double, bogey, bogey, and an eight on the fourth hole! Ugh. Then we came up to the second par five. Andy hit a great drive. I hit a GREATER drive -- 250 yards! Our caddie was laughing. He said, "Ok, mon, just hit it up there to the left, against the second mound and let it roll to the green." (Yah, right). I choose a club I knew I could hit, but also knew it wouldn't get there. It was not pretty, but that "dang" ball hit that mound and rolled right onto the fringe of the green.

On the green in two on a par five!!!

Ok, I would be lying right now to say I was just happy with that! Never mind anything else. But, the word had already escaped from the lips of our caddie....."Eagle". No way. I was facing a 55 foot putt, and the people behind us were waiting. Anyone who golfs knows this adds to the anxiety.

Fabian, our caddie, lined up the putt for me. "Just hit it here, mon." Ok, I thought to myself. And then promptly hit the ball a foot right of where he told me. Time was suspended, as we watched that damn little ball roll towards the cup....and then right into it. I did a backwards roll -- several times!! I didn't give a hoot about the people behind us.

This was my first par 5 eagle!!

Needless to say, it ruined the rest of my game. But, I didn't care. I just held onto that moment of elation.

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