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Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 3, 2011

The Road to Freedom~

My son came home from college today with a friend to do their laundry and visit. I treasure these brief moments with Max accepting that he is in a year of transition  - new home, first year of college, and finding himself.

Max loves to push my buttons. For a few years, I didn't catch on and I became quite the "banshee" when he would say some outrageous statement just to make me crazy. He thought it was hysterical and believe me, I gave him plenty of reason to laugh!

Perhaps it is the distance, and not being around Max everyday, that has enabled me to step back with a new perspective and appreciation of his humor and beliefs. I am able to pare down to another level, ask for clarification, and actually have civil debates with him. I don't always agree, but I love observing how his mind works.

He's caught on that he isn't pushing my buttons anymore. This allows space for us to explore a different kind of relationship -- one of mutual respect and sharing of similar passions. Much to my delight, Max has discovered philosophy. One of the first philosophical books I read was Krishnamurti, Think on These Things.  I pulled out my old, worn copy to show Max today. I had forgotten how timeless Krishnamurti's words are.

The following passage caught my attention:

"Whether in this world of politicians, power, position, and authority, or in the so-called spiritual world where you aspire to be virtuous, noble, saintly, the moment you want to be somebody you are no longer free. But the man or the woman who sees the absurdity of all these things and whose heart is therefore innocent, and therefore not moved by the desire to be somebody - such a person is free."

As I absorbed these words again, I realized that my son, Max, was well on the road to freedom. He's a thinker --not afraid to speak his mind, challenge authority (Lord knows), or go against the "popular or accepted" point of view. 

I'm proud of him~

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