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Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 1, 2011

In the arms of angels~


May you find comfort there my sweet sister.

These are hard times for so many. My sister, in particular, is in the midst of dramatic change and loss. And, she is running on "empty"; mustering every ounce of energy she has each day to stay strong, in her integrity, and keep the ship sailing.

Loss does not seem to happen 'solo'. I've noticed in my life, that crisis seems to come in at least three's. It's not just the job, but the relationship too, and an illness on top of that as if you don't have enough to handle. In one particularily fond year I can recall, we experienced the loss of our business, a crime against our child, a move out of state, and subsequent loss of the employment which had precipitated the move in the first place!

How do we keep going in the face of adversity? As I listen to Sarah's song, Angel, I am reminded that we are never alone. We can find comfort in the angels, both present in our lives and the angelic beings that always surround us.

And, we must ask and be willing to receive the love and comfort that is available to us. In the past, my tendency has been to draw inward, buckle down, and weather the storm. It is so much easier to open, be vulnerable, and surrender into the love that surrounds us.

May you find comfort in the arms of the angels~

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