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Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 29, 2011

Healing vs Curing~

"In the distinction that I make between healing and curing, healing is what brings us closer to God. Curing means bringing you back to "what you were" ----but if what you were wasn't closer to God, then you haven't been healed."

~From "Still Here"....Ram Dass

Another quote to ponder and explore. I like the distinction Ram Dass makes between healing and curing and the idea that "healing" is an on-going journey towards God. That said, is being "healed"  really possible? Healed implies something finite and a destination point.  Maybe the last line should read..."but if what you were wasn't closer to God, then a healing did not occur."

I think we are always "healing" -- intentionally walking a path towards God. Everyday presents an opportunity to self-examine, to be awake, and aware of our presence in the world.  To ask, am I in 'fear' in this moment or a place of love? Each time we explore our fears, places of darkness and unrest, we engage in healing. The intention to shine light into the dark creates the opportunity to dispel that darkness and step more fully into the light.

Like peeling the layers of an onion. We become closer and closer to our true nature, our own divinity, and begin living from a pure heart. And with this awareness, and heart-centeredness, you become a healing presence for others. They cannot help but feel your grace and love. This in turn inspires and encourages another to walk this path, to face the fear and darkness, and trust that their light is truly burning within waiting to be discovered.

Given the choice, I'll let the ham be 'cured' and I'll keep 'healing.'

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