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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 17, 2011


As my previous blogs about my daughter reveal, she is not so ordinary! I think I have outlined the challenges clearly.

Delightful is an understatement describing her unbelievably honest, direct and straight from the heart feelings on any subject broached. Last night, I stepped right into "sex."

It's my fault, mind you. The "ever-so" vigilant mother who clearly perceived the "ever-so" ripe opportunity for my daughter to enter into her first relationship, blindly said (at the dinner table no less), "So, let's talk about sex."

"Mom," she said staring me straight in the face, "I have this covered. I've researched the different methods of birth control. I'm doing the shot."

At this point, I'm thinking to myself, "The shot?" She then goes on to describe some other methods (unknown to me) and matter of factly states that it takes 3 months to be fully in your system.


I nod like I know this fact. "So, mom, I will be telling you three months in advance when I am ready to have sex. But I am not ready."

Now, here's where the gleam comes into her eye, she makes the perfect comedic pause, and then says, "My hormones are, but I'm not!"

I thought Andy and I would roll over and die laughing.

What an honor and blessing to have this open, honest relationship with my daughter. I was not able to with my mother, and somehow this makes what Zoe and I have even that more sweet and precious.

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