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Friday, May 20, 2011

May 20, 2011

Lightness of Being~

Yes, it is perfectly fine to laugh, play and cut loose! I had such a good time last night and it was great fun to write freely, and unabashedly, about our hysterical evening.

Walking in truth demands honesty and vulnerability. It requires being naked.

If you have ever skinny dipped, you know the feeling I am describing. The daring thought of it, the stripping off of clothes, the goose bumps prompted by the breeze and the 'adventure' of it all, and then the plunge into the dark waters which seem to induce a sense of fear and delight simultaneously.

"Are we going to get caught?"

"Oh, my god, I am naked!"

And then the thrill takes over as you swim into the divine; feeling the softness of the water on your body  unencumbered by cloth, and the smells and sounds inundate the senses, as you drift into a profound state of freedom.

You are floating in bliss~

To live without fear is like swimming naked in the waters of divinity. Go ahead, be naked. Think of one fear you would like to release. Toss it away and feel the release and freedom.

Give yourself permission to be vulnerable~

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