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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May 10, 2011

Zen and Golf~

The game of golf is one of the most humbling sports I have ever participated in.

It’s all about you, and the six inches between your ears!

I thought I had finally found my groove after 6 months of struggling with a new golf swing. The last four rounds played, I scored decently (for me). Then I came out today and lost my game. I couldn’t hit a shot to save my life, or putt!

What happened?

I just don’t understand this game. My elder, more wiser mentors, shake their heads, commiserate, and tell me “this is the game.” My youthful immaturity cries “NO” this can’t be the game. Unfortunately, I am ever so slowly coming to the same conclusion. BTW, golf spelled backwards is “Flog.”

Golf is very much like life. We have our outstanding days where everything falls into place and you are on top of the world – in the flow. And then, the next day, you wake up and wonder “Where did the joy go? Wasn’t I just riding the biggest, coolest wave?” Golf is similar. Every once in awhile, you fall into the “zone” and shoot a 36, like one of our gals did today. Too often, however, it is exactly the opposite. You fall into the abyss, and struggle to maintain some semblance of dignity on the course.

I admit, I am licking my wounds. But, there’s always tomorrow and the challenge of getting out of my head and into the zone~

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