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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 31, 2011

Wave of fatigue~

It always surprises me when I am hit by a wave of fatigue. This wave is so palpable that I must lie down and hope that a twenty minute nap will suffice. This does not happen very often, and the nap did not work. Oh, the little bell of alarm is going off!

What is wrong with me?

Known as the woman with the energy of 10 people, I am not used to feeling overly tired. In fact, it ignites a bit of irritation and frustration in me. Now, if I am not good fatigued, you certainly do not want to be around me irritated. I want to peel the irritation off my skin like a wet suit. And just step back out into the clean, fresh air.

But, it doesn't work that way. I am cranky (for no reason), tired, and now my daughter, whom I adore, is frustrating me too. It's a bit surreal witnessing yourself, knowing that on one level it is fleeting, and yet simultaneously fully immersed in your "ick."

You are probably wondering why I just don't do some simple, easy "get into balance" techniques. To be honest, I am a bit fascinated by the creature inhabiting my body; even if it is uncomfortable. Like I said, this does not occur often. And, unfortunately, I don't like hot baths, my deep breathing did not work, and I am too tired to do yoga!

Thank God my very smart husband is pampering me and in two hours I'll be asleep!

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