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Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 5, 2011

Thirty women - Ninety pounds later~

What happens when 30 women get together to cook in one kitchen? One might imagine mayhem, especially if you knew that there were an equal number of bottles of wine!

I experienced my first cooking class last night. Local organic farmers donated the fresh produce, and Lori, who owns the catering business, provided the space, seafood, and other ingredients to concoct 16 dishes!
Yep, I said 16. Holy Moly...and yes, we each sampled every one of those delectable edibles.

I'm still recovering~

Have you ever tried 16 different dishes in a span of 3 hours? It was pure Heaven, until I got on the scale this morning! In between courses, and while we prepared these exquisite recipes, we of course sipped copious quantities of wine. The bustling, laughter, and the intensity of which we took to our tasks was something to behold.

It was so much fun!

There were moments when I just stepped back, and admired the women prepping, cooking, cleaning, and chatting amongst themselves, amazed at how efficiently, effortlessly and joyfully they created their masterpieces. Adding to the festivities was knowing that our money was being donated to the farmers who were going to local elementary schools to start organic gardens and teach the children about healthy eating.

I am only minimally comforted by this generosity as I sip my water...the beginning of my three day fast~

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