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Friday, May 27, 2011

May 27, 2011


"Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn, or consumed...happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude."

     ~Author Unknown (at least to me, in this moment)

It's an elusive feeling, isn't it?


We search far and wide, we dig deep and reach high, we absorb spiritual enlightenment and we release our negativity, and yet, that feeling of happiness can still elude us, playing coy, unwillingly to yield to our gentle, persistant coaxing.

I must part ways with the unknown author in one aspect..."living every single minute with love, grace and gratitude." I do not think we can do this. Perhaps it is faulty wiring, DNA inferiority, hormonal mood swings, or just plain 'ol being human. We aren't designed to live every single minute in love, grace and gratitude...even the greatest yogis, gurus, saints, and Jesus did not live 'every single minute' in this state.

Afterall, we are born with innate flaws! And yet, aren't these the very human characteristics that make us so loveable, fragile, imperfect, and perplexing? When we heed to the quiet call to rise above our 'state of imperfection' and reach within to discover that place we call 'home', our journey begins. For the author is very correct in saying that happiness is not found externally, but internally.

Love, grace and gratitude are indeed the ingredients for happiness. I would add too, wisdom. The wisdom acquired when you realize that happinesss has wings, and we must kiss it as it flies by, trusting deeply that it will return again and again.

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