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Thursday, June 9, 2011

June 9, 2011

Our Platform and Calling~

A dear, heartfilled, and very talented friend sent me Oprah's final words on her last show.

“Each one of you has your own platform. Mine is a stage in a studio. Yours is wherever you are, with your own reach, however small, however large that reach is, maybe it’s 20 people, maybe it’s 30 people, 40 people, your family, your friends, your neighbors, your classmates, your classroom, your co-workers. Wherever you are that is your platform, your stage, your circle of influence. That is your talk show and that is where your power lies.

In every way, in every day, you’re showing people exactly who you are. You're letting your life speak for you. And when you do that, you will receive - in direct proportion to how you give - through whatever platform you have. Of course the circumstances are all different for all of us but the power I know is the same. You can help somebody. You can listen. You can forgive. You can heal. You have the power to change somebody’s life. Look around and you’ll see. You may not have to look any further than your own family or maybe even your own self. The power is the same.

Everybody has a calling. Not everybody gets paid for it, but everybody is called."

Each of us has a platform and a calling. Everyday is an opportunity to reach within, and reach out, offering your 'self'. Oprah showed us how to do this in a very public way -- how to be open, vulnerable, curious, and how we all struggle.

Claim your power~

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