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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 7, 2011

We all suffer~

Our emotional wounding often begins in early childhood, by well meaning parents and family who are doing the best they can. We grow up in homes where the subtle undercurrent of "your not good enough" prevails, or in many instances, flagrant physical and psychological abuse, carving deep wounds into the psyche. In school it continues if we are bullied, or considered an outcast. The sense of not belonging deepens. Our society reinforces this sense of being flawed by projecting millions upon millions of images daily all saying "You can look better, age better, be better".

"What is wrong with me?" our inner voice cries~ 

We suffer in silence. Not wanting others to perceive our anxiety, inadequacy and flawed nature, we 'perform' and over-achieve or ease our unworthiness through some addiction. We quell the pain by any means. Our collective suffering keeps us separate and asleep to our true nature. 

All of the emotions and feelings of inadequacy we judge to be 'wrong' are part of being human.

It took me a long time to realize that it was acceptance, compassion and forgiveness of self that restores you to wholeness and a sense of freedom. The first step is acceptance of your 'self'. Allow a tenderness to arise from your heart and permeate your being. You are perfect even with your flaws, anxieties, and imperfect body.

Like a caring mother
Holding and guarding the life
Of her only child
So with a boundless heart
Hold yourself and all beings.


The next time the inner critic whispers in your ear, pause. Just pause and take a deep breath. And hold that nagging thought, or icy fear with full acceptance and watch it melt away.

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