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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 8, 2011

We have a guest blogger today, sharing her insights, thoughts and appreciation for life. Thank you Barbara!

Inner Strength~

In the process of every day commitments it is often hard to extract yourself from the exterior demands and wants of those we love to take a break, to take stock of our own needs. It is much easier to bow to the external chores than to delve into the questions and self doubts we choose to ignore.

The four letter word I choose to ignore most is "Stop!"  Breathe in, then out. Personal growth does not come without internal evaluation and some hard knocks. It takes time and acceptance for us to realize where we are going, or more importantly, where we choose to go.

The hardest decision for me is to accept the results of my actions, whether intended or accidental. It is far easier to float in the external waves than to search for the internal questions and answers which are so often easy to ignore.

I find myself looking at the natural world around me and often find an unexpected comparison to a question which has intrigued me.  I often wonder what gives me the strength to keep searching for my purpose in life. I sense an internal strength and deep seated faith in life which has been given to me. I know that the physical core of my being has been challenged to reach out to others and give of myself.

How is it that a Saguaro cactus which is composed of mostly water stands tall for centuries on end? The inner fiber skeleton is composed of a myriad of holes which allow the watery matrix of nutrients to  travel up and down the center and nurture the extreme reaches of the plant.  We too have a skeleton which supports our body in an upright posture. It is the inner workings of our body which provides the physical nutrients necessary for survival. I am grateful for those natural processes which sustain my life.

It has become clear to me that I must, in fact, make the decision to stop and evaluate the effect my decisions make on me and those around me. I need those quiet moments and reflections to direct me forward on my path of life. I need to take time to replenish my inner strength, my love and compassion. I need to let a sense of peace wash through me and fill the pockets of my self doubt and my human ineptness. I need a quiet understanding of what it is I can or cannot do, either for myself or others. I do not go forward alone in this life journey. I am filled with gratefulness for those around me who make my journey fuller.

How is it that a simple desert cactus skeleton can cause me to stop and evaluate what I am doing in my life?

Written by Barbara Ann Sheehan

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