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Friday, June 24, 2011

June 24, 2011

Rooming with Richard Shulman~

Talk about a blind date. I've never met Richard Shulman and quite honestly never listened to any of his music. We connected through a mutual friend via email and decided to share a room at INATS to reduce expenses.

I know. Pretty darn ballsy!

Once again, the universe is enjoying a good cosmic laugh. Richard knows everybody, or everybody knows Richard. It has been quite entertaining to watch the interactions. He is the quintessential musician. Best know as a composer of healing and meditation music, he is also a jazz pianist.
But as an artist's soul will do from time to time, Richard was called to write a musical -- it has taken him 5 years to write and produce A Dream of Camelot which premiered this past March in Asheville, NC to rave reviews.

This is the premise of A Dream of Camelot.

What if you knew your dream of the heart, and somehow, it all unraveled just as you tried to grasp for it?

Would you try again?
Would you look to see the cause of the unraveling?
Would you want to heal that cause for the sake of your own happiness and the happiness of all concerned?
What if that cause were something deep inside yourself, and what if you were afraid to look?
Would you look anyway?

Would you look anyway?

A great question Richard. I know I will be listening to your music and checking out the musical. Check out three songs from his musical.



Something About Him

Who You Are is Beautiful

To listen to all of Richard Shulman's albums:

To order, go to http://www.richheartmusic.com/

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