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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 14, 2011

Wild, Wild West~

We have been traveling now since 6:30am when we left New Smyrna Beach and headed for Orlando. We landed in Denver about 4 hours ago making our way to Saratoga, Wyoming. If anyone remembers the book, Stranger in a Strange Land, this is a wee bit of what I am experiencing as we traverse this foreign land.

The landscape has just dramatically changed again. We are leaving the breathtaking views of the snow- capped peaks of the Rocky Mountain range and entering into territory where there are rock formations that look like T-Rex’s litter box. Now, we are entering into Laramie, WY where this sudden appearance of civilization buffeted by wilderness offends the senses.

There is something wonderous about being in new places and seeing the unexpected; like the camel just standing beside the road - no other animals in sight. I was looking for Bison and spot a camel. But, these are the surprises that delight the traveler. Spaciousness, wide open blue skies, highway cutting like ribbon across the land dotted with cattle. Strikingly absent are the homes, people, tall buildings, billboards, other roads--just wide open space.

I find my mind loosening, slipping into an altered state similar to meditation, becoming spacious and lazy. It’s peaceful and riveting simultaneously.

Only 100 miles to go~

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