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Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 18, 2011

Change of heart~

When we woke up this morning and checked the weather for Yellowstone, the forecast was 70% rain, 32 degrees and possible snow.

"Uh, Oh."

What does one do when presented with weather conditions that conjure up images of  climbing Kilimanjaro? Andy and I simultaneously said, "Let's head south." And, so we did, and set out for Santa Fe. Now, I know some of you might think this is crazy behavior. After all, we had a trip planned to the Grand Tetons,
Yellowstone and then back down to Colorado.

Two days of hiking in the cold, wet rain? Are you kidding?

We packed up the car and headed south taking secondary roads. The scenery was spectacular. We stopped in Leadville for lunch and found the "famous" Silver Dollar Saloon. Built in 1887, during the gold rush years, and then later surviving because of the discovery of silver, we found ourselves catapulted into the past. "Doc" Holiday lived in Leadville and often frequented the saloon and Oscar Wilde also made several appearances. The interior was magnificent with wood structures dating back to the 1800's, and the paraphernalia on the walls was a sight to behold. We giggled, as we ate our cheese steak subs, enthralled that we had stumbled upon such a find.

We decided to stop and stay at the Sand Dunes National Park to break up the trip, but there were no rooms available at the lodge. We called them back and asked where to stay. The lady told us about the Joyful Journey Hotel about half an hour north of the Park. We had no idea what we were in for! Turns out Joyful Journey is a Hot Springs Spa, in the middle of nowhere. We serendipitously had landed in an oasis. A low key oasis, but nevertheless, an oasis. There is a hotel, yurts, and tipi's to stay in and three different hot spring pools to soak in, plus a full range of massage and body exfoliations.

We took a little hike and then soaked in the hot springs meeting several nice couples and laughing at our good fortune. Of course, they offered a plethora of information, telling us what sites and towns to visit on our way down to Santa Fe.

There is something magical that happens when we 'let go' and change course. We had no idea what awaited us today, or where we would land, only where we were headed -- due south! What a delight it has been. I have no doubt tomorrow will be filled with surprises.

Postscript: Millie is doing better. I asked someone knowledgeable about dogs to look at her, and he said she was slow and hurting, but he did not think death was around the corner. We think Millie is 'depressed' because we are not there. Thanks for all your prayers!

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