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Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 26, 2011

The way out is the way in~

The following is a stream of consciousness shared by a friend I met at INATS reflecting on his current relationship~

"The fact of the matter is we get into these places where we get into an impossible situation....relationships for instance. The tendency is to try and get out. But, why did we draw the situation to us anyway?

So, in my life I have attracted a woman that shows me places so uncomfortable in myself that I want to get rid of the stimulus (her).


But, the reason I brought her into my life is to be forced to look deeper at the consciousness that I am allowing to operate in me. And I am learning that when I go into my heart space, I find that I can love the place where I am really at.

So what is in my heart?

My truth. And the truth in my heart is telling me what is really important. What is really important is loving myself no matter what I am feeling. And from feeling my own love for myself, I remember my love for her which now has no conditions.

This does not determine my actions necessarily but it does determine the background in which my actions take place. So I can't say what I will do if she says "this or that", but I know that by going in and finding my heart, loving what is there, opens a doorway to something totally new."

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