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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March 9, 2011


The worst thing you can do is thrash around in the sand and move your arms and legs through the mixture. This only forces you further down into the quicksand and your certain demise. The fear grips you, and you do the only thing you know how to do...struggle, fight, try to free yourself from what is threatening you.

Quicksand is a perfect metaphor for the perceived and real threats in our life. We must remain in control, fight this thing, win, employ every tactic we know to conquer or alleviate the threatening situation we find ourselves in.

How many of us in the height of our panic realize that all we need to do is surrender?

How simple and counter-intuitive.

If you find yourself in the highly unlikely situation of being consumed by quicksand, the best thing to do is to make slow movements and bring yourself to the surface and just float back. In other words, surrender. You will float to a safe level. If you stuggle, you will sink. If you relax, you will be able to paddle to safety.

Where are we not surrendering in our lives in this moment? Where are we struggling, trying to control the outcomes, not trusting in divine order?

Take a moment, and float. Where do you need to surrender?

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