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Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 10, 2011

Building Community~

Below is a response from one of our readers to March 7th's blog entry. Lee is a kindred spirit that I met during the Qi-Gong Seminar two weeks ago. She runs a business called International Ener-Qi Association and teaches Tai Chi in Palm Coast, Fl.

Hi Jennifer, I really enjoy reading your blog, you do a great job and provide some real thought provoking entries. Interesting to hear you were in not for profit. I never was but am now. I work with The Sheltering Tree. We are an all volunteer operation. We run the only emergency cold weather shelter in the county. We also work with the homeless when the shelter is not open and we feed those in need every Wed night. The number of people in need just keeps growing, very challenging times. I received a call from a woman tonight who had gotten my number from somewhere who will be homeless after this weekend. She is 60 and will be on the street. Very difficult, there is no shelter except domestic violence in this county. We will see if we can get her into the Salvation Army in Daytona. But then what? Another temporary solution. She has no income, no family, no job. She had been working as a live in care taker for an elderly woman with alzheimer's. I can't even imagine what it is like to be alone and on the street as a woman.
My work with The Sheltering Tree has been life changing. Makes you really understand what is important in life. I am more mindful everyday in every way.
Thanks for letting me vent a little. Since you've been there you understand.
Thanks, Lee

I appreciate Lee's work and sharing her story and the needs of this one particular woman. I can't imagine being homeless at 60 and how frightening this must be for her.

I am asking my readers to please visit The Sheltering Tree website www.flaglershelter.info -- facebook.com/flaglershelter or write Lee at petaichi@yahoo.com if you know of someone in her area that can be of further assistance. Or, if you, and people you know, want to support the work of The Sheltering Tree and this woman specifically.

Please put this woman in your Intent Heals Journal. With all of us praying, her life may miraculously change.

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