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Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 19, 2011

Full Moon~

We spent a glorious day in Asheville -- shopping, walking, and eating amazingly good food!

Home now and starting a fire outside to welcome the full moon. It is closer to earth this month and will appear much larger. I love the full moon! When I was a teenager growing up in Pleasant Valley, CT., I would walk down my street to our elementary school playground and swing at night. The best nights were when the moon was full and I would let out several howls...teenage angst I am sure, but I felt primal and connected.

Tonight, Marcia and I will light the fire, and write down our intentions to burn in the fire. We will honor mother earth, the moon, and our respective journeys; releasing anything that no longer serves us and welcoming the abundance that awaits us.

Let's all take time to welcome the new and say goodbye to the past. A good hearty howl at the moon might be fun too!

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