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Monday, March 21, 2011

March 22, 2011

Spring Cleaning~
Something about Spring lightens and brightens and I feel renewed and inspired.

I felt the energy shift within me after our full moon fire ceremony on Saturday. It was subtle, yet powerful as I am aware of myself moving with even more energy; a groundedness and steadiness paired with a lightness of being.

When we truly let go of what no longer serves us, it leaves room for the new to come in. As I tossed my intentions into the fire, watching the paper catch easily and flare brightly for a few seconds, I acknowledged and honored my act of bravery. It is not easy to let go of that which is familar, comforting, or habitual. On the paper, I had written "dissolve everything and anything that no longer serves me".

As I have written before, we like our "fur lined ruts". And that is exactly the point. If and when we perceive and acknowledge that we are in a rut, we need to examine why and ask if it is time to let go -- of an idea, a way of perceiving, judgment of others, the critical self, self-defeating habits, negativity, or co-dependency.

Spring is the perfect time to take inventory and decide what to throw out! We weed, prune, and create new space for the blossoms to emerge and burst into full color. So lets do some Spring cleaning.

What do we need to weed out, throw away, give away, burn symbolically to allow ourselves to blossom fully?

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