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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 15, 2011

A treasure wrapped in a mystery~

The diamond lies within. Some call this the holy spirit, others the true "self", and others the soul. It really does not matter what we call this diamond, only that we recoginize that everything we desire, who we truly are, is revealed when we tap into this mysterious treasure.

A friend whom I used to work with often described herself as a "treasure wrapped in a mystery". Little did she know how accurate of a statement that is!

Threading back to the butterfly metaphor, we can liken the caterpillar stage as one where we are "hungry" and our seeking takes us outward: prestigious job, relationships, wealth, big house, clothes, awards -- whatever makes us feel good, important, special, and safe. At some point, we wake up and realize that these things do not make us happy. We feel a deep, inner gnawing that is not appeased by anything external.

Often this is when we begin seeking within. We realize that there is something elusive, just beyond our reach and comprehension -- something more. And so we begin seeking again: we read spiritual books, go to workshops, learn to meditate, do yoga, or see a therapist convinced we are "not good enough" for God. We are still not happy.


We are still "seeking." Many call this spiritual materialism. We are still seeking outside of ourselves, when the treasure lies within! Burdened further by faulty perceptions that there is good/evil, light/dark, better/less than. We are still swimming in a world of opposites and judgements created by the ego which prevents us from tapping into an awareness that transcends this material, linear world.

When we truly become aware of this truth, then we, as the caterpiller, can naturally become a pupa.

This is a most interesting stage! And, as this is long enough already, I'll save that discussion for another day.

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