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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1, 2011

Mom's little surprises~

Becky and I visited mom during lunch and for awhile after. It was not a good day, and she was visibly tired from yesterday's efforts. We were able to have some very good interactions, stretch her legs out, and massage her skin to increase circulation.

At the end of the visit, before the CNA's came to place her in bed, I was giving mom Reiki. I had my hand on her back and could feel her absorbing the energy. I moved my other hand from her heart to her forehead (3rd eye) and after several minutes, she looked at me and said, "You understand, sweetheart, don't you"? Yes, my beautiful mother, I understand.

It's hard for me to write openly what I am feeling, experiencing and intuiting. I did go into the room when they were changing mom to purposely influence the process (what we were hearing outside the closed door was frightening). It's amazing how people shift when they know they are being watched! What I noticed was how much weight mom had lost since we brought her into rehab 3 weeks ago. I asked the nurse for a chart of her weight, which is taken weekly.

To our dismay, mom has dropped 18 pounds in 3 short weeks!

We came home and Becky had mentioned that she had read mom's baby book. "Where did you find it"? I asked. She showed me and I saw a blue folder next to the baby book. I picked it up, looked inside, and found 3 manila envelopes; each one was labled with our names -- Jennifer, Becky, and Johanna. Mom had saved our letters and cards?!

What a hoot, shock, and delight~

We have spent the rest of the afternoon reading our letters, laughing at what we wrote thirty years ago, and making fun of each other!

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