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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday's Spiritual Thought


The speculation and judgement about Casey Anthony is inescapable. Many described themselves as "addicted"  while watching the trial unfold. And now, after the 'impossible' verdict of not guilty has been declared, there is no shortage of commentary about this trial and Casey Anthony -- the murdered, the soon to be 'celebrity' and on and on it goes.

I am struck by the level of anger, dismay, blaming, judging, assuming, and criticalness directed towards Casey. Is it possible that we are projecting on some level our own internal frustrations and judgements, and Casey is a convenient, high profile villain, to distract us from our own issues? (The intensity of emotion is similar to what I witnessed after the death of Osama bin Laden). Whenever we have strong reactions, we must be willing to look within and ask, "What is being triggered for me? Why am I so emotional about this? What is it about this young woman, this case, that evokes such anger, judgement, and disgust in me?"

This is the question one should be asking. Strong emotions are an invitation to look inward and explore our own fears, hurts and judgements.

Let's put away our judgements today and turn inward with compassion and love~


Anonymous said...

I know we are not suppose to judge, however, how does one not judge the Casey Anthony outcome?...if not judging Casey than at lease question our judicial system!

Intent Heals said...

Thanks for your comment! There is a lot to question about the entire process. Certainly our judicial system is imperfect; many instances of the innocent being convicted, and the quilty going free.