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Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday is for celebration~

Happy July 1, 2011~

I am celebrating today, this milestone of blogging (almost) everyday, for the last 6 months. I missed a couple early on, and a day in February. But, since then, not a one. I celebrate this accomplishment because there  are very few things I do EVERY day. Brush my teeth and take my vitamins (only because Andy puts them out for me every morning) are the only two things I can think of. 

Hmmmm...I think I'm being too hard on myself~

OK, upon reflection...I say "I love you" many times throughout the day to Andy, my daughter, my son, and anyone else who happens to cross my path. I sink into a state of "gratitude" many times during the day, starting first in the morning while I am still in bed, and Andy is making the coffee, feeding the animals, and laying out the vitamins (I know, what a life!). This is sacred time for me. I treasure the early morning sounds, the stretching of my body feeling how wonderful it is to be alive, and then the purposeful meditation of praying for those I love, for all beings and the planet, and floating in this luscious haze of gratitude.

I think because I start my day in this way, I open a door that lets the gratitude float in throughout the day. I stop and say "thank you" often. Other times, I will feel a wave of warmth and loving energy envelope me that makes me cry, and again I find myself in gratitude. I celebrate this!

I am also celebrating today the fact that my son, Max, finally found a job! After two months of searching, he was hired by Papa John's. Do not particularly like their pizza, but I am thrilled for Max. He is also in his new apartment rolling up his sleeves getting ready to clean and paint. This is good.

Another celebration is the incredible response to the "Remember Me' essences that we just unveiled! Just in the last two days, I have mailed out 32 sets. "Defies description" was perhaps the best comment I have received as it so aptly captures the experience. I have given up trying to describe these incredible essences.

And, so I must close, with a thank you and celebration, to Beth Hays who created these amazing essences. You truly are a gift in the world -- a channel receiving the divine. What a difference you are making in this world~

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