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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Spiritual Guidance~


It is imperative that "WE" understand that we are a "WE" and not separate beings -- egos --  an "I" swimming in a soup of billions of "I's". The global worldview of separateness permeates everything; our cultures, values, religions -- the very fabric of our lives. Massive, powerful institutions thrive on the "I's" believing in their separateness. We feel alone, dis-connected and depleted. We cling to our "stories" and dramas, failing to understand that in every moment we have the opportunity to surrender, relinquish control, "change the channel" (as my son coined) and not remain in the illusion and trap of separateness.

This is an epic battle~

Leading edge science is verifying what we know in our deepest of hearts -- that all of life is deeply inter-related and we are interconnected -- a vast, energetic web of light, vibrational patterns and frequencies, that intersect on multiple levels and impact each of us. We can not afford to waste any more time in playing out roles and scenarios that deplete our energy, creativity, joy and capacity to love.

Take responsibility for every thought, word and deed -- "Ahimsa". Make this a practice. Practice the art of "witnessing" -- pull yourself out of a "drama" (likely enacted a thousand times) and just watch in a detached manner. Notice what you "feel", not your habitual thinking. Break free. The willingness to 'let go' allows the shift in consciousness to occur and find the place of heart-centeredness.

From this place -- all things are possible~

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