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Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Celebrations~

My Sister~

My sister Becky is down for a visit with her daughter, and her daughter's best friend. Becky and I are only 13 months apart -- what was my mother thinking? Growing up we were never very close. At the ripe age of six, she stated that I had left mother's womb a mess. Unfortunately, due to circumstances and family dynamics completely beyond our control, it was downhill from there.

Not until we were adults, and in the painful process of examining and taking responsibility for our own wounds and hurts, did we begin to open to each other in new ways. Over the years, Becky and I have become very close. In the last four years, our relationship has evolved further as we have allowed ourselves to trust one another with our deepest feelings and dreams.

I celebrate my sister today and her fearlessness. I have always admired the warrior in her even when it was destructive. Her energy of yester-years was "bring it on" I can take anything. Now, her energy is more reflective, her wisdom born out of experience, and the warrior is seeking -- "Where is my place? Where am I going?"

Becky desires to live fully, to give fully, to know fully who she is and to participate in life with all of her being-ness. How can you not help but admire her? I celebrate the person she is, the person she is becoming, and our friendship.

Who are you celebrating today?

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