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Monday, July 25, 2011

A Chapter in Jennifer's Life~


Jennifer's life was so filled yesterday that she did not get to share a chapter. Sunday I found myself in the uncomfortable position of being filmed for the Hospice DVD we are shooting for a National Reconcilition Program.

I do NOT like being in front of the camera. I would rather have my fingernails ripped off (only if heavily sedated). Regardless, it is not a 'happy' experience and I sound like an idiot -- my words and perceptions. Of course, I am comparing myself with others and thinking that I must and should sound smooth, melodious and brilliant.

The filming on Friday at the Hospice Care Center was spectacular. One staff person in particular, who read a poem about a patient, had me in tears. She herself began to cry, as well as the producer and his wife. The power of her word, and her delivery was remarkable.

I would like to think that some day I could learn how to deliver words with such grace and power.

Tune in next sunday for a really long, juicy chapter!

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