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Monday, July 25, 2011

Intention of the Day~

Not to miss anymore blogs!

Honoring commitments is a better way to state my intention for today. It was not a matter of not honoring, or knowing that I had to write Sunday's blog, but more a matter of executing. I can, of course, give a plethora of excellent reasons why I didn't make it to the computer yesterday, but the attempt to do so becomes the act of finding excuses.

For any commitment we make to ourselves and others is just that - a commitment. And without falling into the 'perfectionist' mentality, I think we honor our commitments by 'doing the best we can' in the given moment. We all know when we fall short -- the mind begins to dredge up excuses.
The value of setting the intention is not undermined by falling short of "perfection." The value is inherent in the act of setting, and willingness to commit, to your intention.

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