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Monday, July 11, 2011

Intention of the Day~

Staying on Track~

I was so intent on going to yoga today, after missing a month and a half, and attending to some "must do Monday" details, that I am late sharing Monday's intention with you!

It's seven days into our 10 day cleanse diet and I find myself wavering.


Because I have been absolutely vigilent. I mean not a grain of sugar has passed these lips, not an ounce of processed food, not a pinch of white flour, and not a whiff of alcohol and I am NOT losing any weight. Futhermore, I am exercising too! Last night I ran/walked 2 miles plus 20 minutes of weight training. I was feeling so good and convinced that when I hopped on the scale this morning, I would have lost some significant weight.

Nada! That means 'nothing' for those who do not know rudimentary Spanish.

For me, this is where I start wavering. Why am I killing myself if I am not going to be rewarded with some poundage loss? Vapors of chocolate mist whirl before my nose, bewitching me. "No", I say to myself sternly. "You can't quit now." "Oh, but I want to", my inner child cries. "It's just not fair."

If there is no weight loss tomorrow, my 4 year old persona, Molly, will more than likely appear and yell "cease and desist IMMEDIATELY", while stomping her feet. I, the adult, will have to softly admonish her, carefully explaining why it is important to follow through and stay the course.


Molly will win - Thank God!

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