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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Spiritual Guidance~

A little spiritual humor to start your day~
Remember Y2K? The frenzy, speculation, fear and anticipated chaos? The entire grid was going to come crashing down -- planes falling from the sky, banks not able to determine whose money was whose, power outages -- the "sky is falling".  
Hard to believe that this was just 11 years ago. And, yet, here we are again with the impending arrival of 2012 and some people are freaking out.
The world is not going to end. Take a deep breath. We will still be here. And perhaps that is the issue for some.
No escape~
We are living in an unbelievable time. Unprecedented technological advances, extreme earth and climate changes, and human consciousness shifting as rapidly as facebook is growing. We are awaking up! The blinders are coming off, and we are deeply questioning what is real and why we are here. The individual "I" is dissolving into a "We" consciousness as we recognize how deeply connected we are to each other. We are literally "one" and many around the world are acknowledging this truth and taking action.
What an amazing gift to be here...NOW...and able to participate in this awakening.
2012 is just the beginning~

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dawson said...

Its an end to a long 5000 year cycle and we have been transitioning into the next cycle.